8 comments on “Maya API adventure I : invalidating an offset array in a spaceSwitching node

  1. Great post, and solid source material! – most important thing I found building this is the offset – dealing with key changes, coordinate space etc.

  2. Thanks guys, I will publish a plugin demonstration tonight on vimeo, My node manages all the offset automatically just pose your object and enjoy…:

    you can key the parent index ,change transformation value in the key editor or interactively , scrub the timeline however you like and jump from a time value to another the result remains stable. There is just one bug to squish out of this baby, and a general design consolidation before releasing it to rigging dojo community( hope I could ask them to play with it )

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  4. Hi Cedric, I was wondering how your node manages animating blending between parents and playing backwards the animation. I saw the “time” is piped into it and made me wonder… Is it stable when you have made keyframes for switching then , went in arbitrary frame back and made another space switch on that frame ? Looks cool!

    • Hi Marin ,When i build this node i though that it wasnt making sense to blend the influence between parent( its easy to do but it was not really useful in my case ).
      the time attribute is used to detect the “parent time segment” and to reconstruct the offset history.You can then play backward ,jump at a completely different frame, edit keyframes, change hierarchy: its quite stable , but it needs some test on real live production example with reference characters and long range animation( like mocap setup with +5000frames)

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