2 comments on “Protocol to build a reusable deformation template II: a brute force approach

  1. Just trying to understand the coordinate frame for the twist, or spin – im guessing the parent space of the controls changes as you twist them. E.g. when you twist the hand – your solution seems similar to mine but i’m hitting 180 degree pop – ie flipping at the horizon of the quat. Im guessing you have a temporally changing coordinate frame (frenet)?? Im slowing building a rig and currently looking at rotations.

    • On practical application the quaternion has singularity when the target vector is parallel to the reference vector used to build it.

      Its an interesting tool as when it drives a bone your articulation seems to untangle itself auto-magically: but it also means we have a valid 0/165 degrees vector range that will encode a predefined twist on the articulation.

      In maya life is easier as every value is expressed in its parent space.Try when you use an orient constraint to use two children under same group.

      Up until now i was using a history based twist extractor( a low rez puppet doesn’t need twist most of the time )but right out the box the orientcConstaint node is able to achieve -359/359 degrees range
      when you choose the right configuration and add little trick: so this time no matrix math, custom node etc… just standard node.

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