My name is Cedric BAZILLOU,  I’m a freelance character setup artist .

Since 2005 I have worked in TV commercials, video and serious games, short film, and animated TV series.

I start doing  architectural images and motion graphics , and i have grown a keen interest in character animation over the last years:

My work range from modeling , puppet rigging , deformation, lip synchronization, and motion capture.

As a puppet maker, very early i started learning the scripting language of my 3d tools: 3dsMax and maya.

It was a mean to streamline the animation process in a fast paced work environment , and automate some tedious task.

I build tools and UI in maxscript and  mel . I also develop python Maya scripted plug-ins in order to create custom deformer,  nodes and locators.

Over the years i learn the meaning of team work  in a collaborative process:

Through programming  i try to reach  better quality, faster for my part of the work and most importantly support other to deliver their work on time and on budget.

I’m also the proud owner of twelve Optitrack camera ( http://naturalpoint.com/optitrack/ ): i have made the shift in order to expand my skill-set and to reconnect from my days  in fine-arts school where i was doing stop-motion animation.

This web site is a place i would like to use to showcase some work and research.

contact mail: