Demo reel

CharacterFx Reel 2018:

This video feature some of the work I did between 2013 – 2015 in feature film animation:

  • Mostly hair rigging with custom nodes, deformer and locators

Hair rigging and CFX tool work for feature film animation Mune guardian of the moon and Ballerina/Leap.
More information can be found in my article:

00:00” Gorron quadruped:
Rigger: Eric Maltais
Simulation: David Major
Tool/Support: i provided custom script and plugin to define and optimize the base deformation of the fur
with the pathFromPolySoup plugin and poutine locator node

00:06“: Mune (main character): rig all hair parts: arm/torso leg head

00:12“: Moon spiders: manage fur deformation optimization, with custom nodes and Rnd, rig additional hair components.

00:23“: bird quadruped:
Rigger Ray Faenza
Tool/Support: provide support and tool to rig this animal hair deformation

00:30“: Glim hair
I rig and defined the complex deformation with custom nodes
Additional simulation: David major

00:36“: Glim Skirt
create custom node and complex rig from animators feedback
Skinning: Marie Owona

00:51“: Sohone Hair
Creare rig , deformation and visualization with custom node, deformer and locators

01:05“: Hiar rig of all following characters.
84 percent of film hair and facial hair element were done by my tools and plugins.
The other part were simulated by the talented CFX team members.

Deformation Reel 2013:

This video feature some of the tool and concept i developed so far :

  • custom motion path and spline deformer
  • geodesic weight driver to pilot PSD networks
  • parametric articulation object for the elbow/knee

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